Our Story

It all started with Renae's dream of living on a farm and raising food to feed her family; paying homage to her great-grandparents way of life.

Renae grew up in Chanhassen and (admittedly) knew nothing about farming prior to meeting her husband, Tim. Well, she knew the stories her grandma shared about the long days and the hard work.

Tim grew up farming in Princeton and shares his lifetime of agriculture experience with Renae and their sons Henrik & Lukas. The barn silhouette in the center of the Braun's Market logo is the farm Tim grew up on. Tim's grandparents bought the farm in 1962 and his parents still operate the original farm today!

Now, years later, after putting in the long days and hard work, Renae's original dream has sprouted into so much more. Tim and Renae have branched out with their own farm operation with the goal of providing high quality meat products to the community in an environmentally friendly manner. Braun's Market is committed to bringing locally produced goods to the community.